Product Condition Ranking

Below is how we rank the the condition of the items we are selling:

 S PRISTINE CONDITION Like New condition with tags, it includes the original packaging of the item.
A EXCELLENT CONDITION Items are in Excellent used condition, with minor insignificant signs of wear. Boxes and other type of packaging maybe included.
AB VERY GOOD CONDITION The product is in Very Good condition with minor signs of wear of insignificant scratches and other signs of usage; small marks on leather, light corner wear, minimal interior spotting and/or hardware scratches due to use or aging.
B GOOD CONDITION The item is in Good condition and will show some obvious signs of wear from everyday use, such as surface scratches, darkening of handles, loose threads, and other indicators of use. A dust bag, lock and key, or other indicated accessory may be included with B+ items.
BC WELL USED Some stains and obvious signs of usage; surface scratches, darkening of handles, loose threads, pronounced discoloration, scratches as well as other indicators of wear, will be present.
C FUNCTIONAL Items is in Functional condition and will have noticeable heavy signs of usage .and/or missing appendages that may include missing straps, zipper pulls, exposed piping, stains on exterior and/or interior and other damage. These items may require repair and pricing will reflect. 
D DAMAGED Has heavy damages that would require repair.

JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES: Items will be in gently used condition and may have slight scratches to hardware or minor sole wear. Any other flaws will be noted upon ordering.