About Us

The Company

Luxurizz is a name coined by Rizza the founder, showcasing her love for luxury items. At Luxurizz, we have the passion to provide our customers beautiful pre-loved luxury bags and accessories from famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Prada, MCM, Chanel, Gucci, and others. We build our business on the trust from our clients in ensuring that we are selling are authentic pre-love items with the help of reliable and expert authenticity certifier.

The Founder

Rizza lived overseas joining her husband in his work in China and the US has  exposed her to the different fashion trends. Seeing high society and fashionable folks in Asia and the US, she sees the elegance presented by luxury items which never goes out of trend, the older style became vintage classics which remains sought after by aficionados. Rizza had bags from Longchamp, Coach, Michael Kors, Versace but her affinity to collect luxury handbags started on the first Louis Vuitton bag her husband gifted to her from one of his trips, a Louis Vuitton Turenne PM handbag which she fell in love at first use.

Rizza's Louis Vuitton Turenne PM bag received compliments from friends and acquaintances making her feel great and confident using it. In several cases it become a conversation starter, which led to her making new friends who also have the affinity to luxurious items. This newfound friendship opened doors for Rizza to start her collection of luxurious and vintage handbags where they started selling their own collections among themselves. Now Rizza is opening Luxurizz, their door to the world to make more new friends who have the same love for luxury designer items.